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3D Garden Composer is an exceptional source of inspiration for all gardeners
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3D Garden Composer created by the publishers of Britain's and German's most popular Garden Design program will inspire gardeners of any level, from beginner to professional.
Whether you already have a garden and fancy bringing some minor changes to it or want to create an original design of your future garden from the very outset, whether you are a beginner or an enthusiast, this program will help you to create a perfect design.
3D Garden Composer saves time and offers innovative 3D technologies allowing you to plan your future garden with the help of your PC. Creating a garden design is just as easy as clicking the mouse. It takes only a few seconds to put the plants in proper places, contour the paths and customize features.
With 3D Garden Composer you may use your imagination and create bold, soothing, modern or traditional garden theme. You may feel free to experiment, develop your landscape ideas and watch them come to life.
3D Garden Composer is an exceptional source of inspiration for all gardeners. It's a great way to discover how different styles work together and affect the overall atmosphere of the garden. By using this software you can avoid many pitfalls normally experienced while going through costly trials.
You can take advantage of various options, playing around with your ideas until you find a perfect variant. If you are not sure about a certain element of the garden you can always remove or change it. Creating your own design in this way is a lot of fun. With 3D Garden Composer you can quickly and easily create a model of the garden you've always wanted.
Main features:
- Garden Designer has 800 3D plant objects, 400 3D pre-designed objects and 100 material textures.
- Plant Encyclopedia has 15,000 plants, 22,500 images. Includes trees, shrubs, flowers and vegetables.
- Photo Designer allows you to design a plan based on digital photos.
- Photo Editor providing you with Digital images, which can be used within the program as textures and backgrounds.
- Animated Tutorial with 3 hours of video helps you to become familiar with the main features.
- Guide to prevention and treatment of 370 garden pests with 650 illustrated images of plant diseases.
- 3D virtual tour of the garden and 3D glasses are supported.
- Comprehensive search for the best plants for your garden and a wide range of garden tools.
- More than 30 pre-designed garden plans and 100 animations for plant care.
- Ability to view garden design throughout different seasons and years.
- Use a GPS device for a precise survey

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